The UDSF is a non-partisan, non-profit-making body. The objects of the UDSF are:
a) to organize, govern, represent, produce and promote DanceSport.

b) to unite in recognized UDSF member clubs, groups, associations, affiliations, and to
maintain jurisdiction over all DanceSport athletes, trainers, coaches, adjudicators,
scrutineers, administrators, Dancesport competitions organizers or other technical
officials and allied sports people, including all amateur and professional competitors;

c) to enact, administer, and enforce standardized rules to which all DanceSport
competitions organized by it or its members are subject based on sporting
principles, and in the best interests of DanceSport;

d) to obtain the admission of DanceSport to National Council of Sports and Uganda
Olympic Committee for the Medal Programme at the World Olympic Games; to
support and promote Olympism in DanceSport in Uganda and the world; and to
support the objectives of the Uganda Olympic Committee; and

e) to advise and assist its members with their work in their groups, regions and

With reference to the purpose of the UDSF Statutes, found in its preamble, UDSF shall take
action especially, but not exclusively, against doping and any sort of irregular and corrupt
practices relating to DanceSport, including but not limited to improperly influencing the
outcomes and results of an event or competition, activities that suggest or promote such
improper influences and any sort of betting activities. These actions are prohibited and
subject to sanctions.