UDSF to host first ever DanceSport Iftar & Dhua at Head Office – Mengo

UDSF to host first ever DanceSport Iftar & Dhua at Head Office – Mengo

On Friday 31st March 2023, UDSF DanceSport will host an Open Iftar at the UDSF Office Compound, in what will be the first Ramadan celebration for Uganda DanceSport

This will be held as part of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting from before dawn to sunset.

The UDSF DanceSport Open Iftar allows all Muslims observing Ramadan the opportunity to gather to break their fast together as well as providing a safe space for mutual dialogue and engagement.

UDSF General Secretary, Ssebuyungo Barnabas said ‘all Moslem and non Moslem athletes are invited to break their fast along with UDSF staff. ‘We are excited to bring Open Iftar to Uganda DanceSport as we continue to promote inclusivity in DanceSport’.

‘DanceSport and Ramadan brings people together over shared experiences and we are thrilled to share this important celebration with DanceSport athletes and supporters from near and far communities.’

Ramadan will be recognised by Uganda DanceSport Federation as part of the equality, diversity and inclusion programme that targets promotion of Unity and aims to educate all stakeholders inside and outside of DanceSport in Uganda.

Promoting religious tolerance is one of the UDSF DanceSport programs, with other religious festivals like the UDSF DanceSport Christmas Party highlighted in the calendar year.

Recognising Ramadan and our Muslim community is a crucial aspect of our work in promoting religious tolerance and UDSF DanceSport looks forward to welcoming everyone on Friday 31 March.’