UDSF DanceSport International Progress

UDSF DanceSport International Progress


UDSF is relatively the youngest Sports Federation in Uganda with only 4 years old as a national body recognized by NCS and UOC to develop and promote DanceSport. Following the last 3 years where focus was only on local sensitization and creating of awareness of DanceSport to the local population in all 9 regions of Uganda as divided by the UDSF Membership Commission, the 4th year, starting July 1st 2021- June 30th 2022, the UDSF through its Executive Committee and Sport Commission decided to face the deep waters of international championships as a deliberate effort to not only lift Uganda’s flag at such international championships but also to introduce DanceSport athletes to the international competition which in the long run boasts their confidence, growth of sport maturity, exposure, brand identity, competitiveness and points accumulation at the international level as we get nearer to the official Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Championships and Games for Breaking DanceSport set to begin in 2023.

  1. Uganda was ranked 38th from the 113 competing countries and ranked 2nd in Breaking DanceSport on the African Continent behind South Africa.


UDSF`s Dance Cranes have so far competed in two World Breaking DanceSport Championships. WORLD BREAKING CHAMPIONSHIP (4TH DECEMBER 2021 IN PARIS, FRANCE)Two Dance Crane Athletes (Kayiira Ibrahim & Ndawula Ronald) represented Uganda at the World Breaking Championship after accumulating the most points from the UDSF Breaking for Gold Regional Qualifiers.

Bboy Saman (Ziraye Samuel battling aganist USA`s Bboy Gravity

BREAKING FOR GOLD WORLD SERIES (26TH – 27TH MAY 2022 IN MONTPELLIER, FRANCE). Breaking for Gold World Series are World DanceSport Federation organized international Breaking championship for internationally licensed Breakdance Athletes to collect points and be ranked at the world level. 

A delegation of 3 Dance Crane Athletes (Ndawula Ronald, Opio Steven and Ziraye Samuel) and 1 Head of Delegation (Ssebuyungo Barnabas) who doubles as the UDSF General Secretary traveled to Montpellier, France and represented Uganda at the Breaking for Gold World Series.

Following the Breaking For Gold World Championship, Uganda is currently ranked 1st at Breaking DanceSport on the African Continent.

Bboy Ndawula (Ndawula Ronald battling aganist USA`s Bboy Jeffro


The Annual World Breaking Championship returns this year on 21st -22nd October 2022 in South Korea.

The World DanceSport Federation has issued another Breaking For Gold  Series in Japan on the 24th -25th of February 2023.

Olympic qualification championships are set to begin in 2023 with the Africa Continental Breaking Championship, followed  by the World Breaking Cup in September 2023 in Belgium and lastly the Olympic Qualification Series which are set to take place between May and June 2024 all in preparation to Paris 2024 Olympic Games.  

  • Generally Uganda registered a successful performance at the championship as Ndawula Ronald (Bboy Ndawula) was ranked 21st out of the 109 Breakdance athletes at the Championship.
  • Competitively, Uganda has been most successful at the Breaking For Gold World Series in Montpellier as Ndawula Ronald (Bboy Ndawula), aged 19 years old, was seeded and competed against some of the World`s best who included USA`s top Bboy Jeffro (Won the championship), Japanese`s Bboy Toa, Belgium`s Bboy Lucky, Sweden`s Bboy Motis and France`s Bboy Willy who knocked out him at the round of 32.
Bboy Pencil (Opio Steven battling against one of Italy`s finest
  • Opio Steven (Bboy Pencilmc) and Ziraye Samuel (Bboy Saman) who were at their first International Championship managed to compete till the round of 64. Ziraye Samuel (Bboy Saman) was eliminated by USA`s Bboy Gravity who later become the 2nd runners up of the championship.
  • A total of 109 Breakdance athletes competed at the Breaking for Gold World Series. Out of which Uganda had 3 athletes .