Is the Trivium Judging System a solution that represents the Breaking paradigm.

Is the Trivium Judging System a solution that represents the Breaking paradigm.

The Trivium System is an intuitive digital scoring platform that allows judges to react to Breakers in real-time according to their physical (body), artistic (mind) and interpretative (soul) qualities. It was developed to give the Breaking community a fair, transparent and modern judging system and was successfully used in qualification tournaments for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 as well as the YOG itself. It will be used again — with a few tweaks — at upcoming WDSF World Championships and the Olympic Games.

There is a knowledge deficit when it comes to judging Breaking and at the same time an imminent fear in the Breaking community that Breaking might lose its identity if the IOC recognizes a system that is not modelled after the cultural values.

The Trivium represents Breaking to the fullest, it’s interface expresses how complex the discipline of judging is. The level of Breaking nowadays is exceptionally high and we need to understand that judging, necessarily, must match that level.”

Complexity was about the only negative feedback the WDSF received regarding the Trivium System following the Youth Olympic Games. For those unfamiliar with Breaking, understanding how the Breakers were being scored apparently caused some head scratching. To those in the know, however, Trivium was a welcome evolution from the simple binary judging system it replaced.

Nevertheless, the WDSF hired an international consulting firm to do a SWOT analysis of the Trivium System to see where improvements, if any, could be made. The results, according to Storm and Renegade, were unsurprising, with most suggestions already on the duo’s radar and being actively worked on.

What all parties agreed on was the need for further simplification of the system, especially with regard to the way it was being presented to the audience. (How to make it simpler for the average audience member) “Hide the abstractions yet provide them with enough to follow what’s happening. People still ask about the offside rule in soccer, yet still enjoy the game regardless. Sometimes it’s enough to know there IS an answer even if you don’t know what the answer is.”

The WDSF is Breaking Division is working around the clock to come up with the most simplest but accurate WDSF Breaking Judging System.