DanceSport: Uganda Braced For World Breaking Championships In Paris

DanceSport: Uganda Braced For World Breaking Championships In Paris

Uganda DanceSport Federation (UDSF) has confirmed two athletes approved by the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) for the forthcoming 2021 World Breaking Championships scheduled to take place in Paris, France between 4th – 5th December at the Theatre du Chatelet.

Two Breaking Boys (B-Boys) in Kayiira Ibrahim and Ndawula Ronald were approved by the World body having secured enough points at the climax of the UDSF Breaking For Gold regional qualifiers held between 18th September – 31st October 2021.

The “Dance Cranes” pair was selected to qualify for the World level basing on their points accumulated from the qualifiers convened across five regions of Luweero, Wakiso, Kampala, Northern Uganda and Westnile.

Both Ndawula (15 points) and Kayiira (13 points) ranked highest according to the UDSF Breaking ranking system from their respective regional associations of Kampala (Kawempe) and Wakiso (Zzana).

According to UDSF General secretary Ssebuyungo Barnabas, the Girls didn’t make the grade for the upcoming trip to Paris having failed to attain the right ranked points needed for this particular championships.

“We expect to be the models of Africa at this level whereby all eyes are going to be on us to see what we shall bring up. But we expect to get points and qualify to the World games that are coming next year in Birmingham, USA from 10th – 17th July,” said Barnabas.

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