DanceSport Initiation in Education Institutions

DanceSport Initiation in Education Institutions

Following the January 2022 schools resumption in Uganda, UDSF kicked off the “DanceSport in Schools campaign” which is aimed at initiating DanceSport to Primary, Secondary, University, Tertiary and International Schools throughout Uganda. Since the year 2022 began, UDSF through its Membership Commission activated a group of specialized individuals ranging from those who can, identify pioneer DanceSport schools, explain the fundamental concepts of DanceSport, showcase the different DanceSport disciplines and offer training sessions to students as means to ensure sustainability, growth and development of DanceSport in schools.  

UDSF has launched DanceSport clubs to a number of schools which include Gombe Junior School, Elite High School, Emanuel College, Kazo Secondary School, Mulsa Academy, St Marks College Namagoma, Kisubi Mapera Senior Secondary School among many others. 

Amazing reception has been evident all institutions where DanceSport Clubs have been lunched by the large masses of both student spectators and participants. According to the technical assessment provided shows that many students have the dance talent which only requires systematic shaping and training to produce quality DanceSport Athletes. The Hip Hop DanceSport discipline has been the most welcomed by students followed by Popping and Breaking DanceSport. UDSF has come up with the Schools DanceSport Championship Calendar which is set to kick off during the schools second term period. Furthermore UDSF has made strides towards adding DanceSport among the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports games set to take place in Gulu in April 2022.  The Federation is aware of the technical gaps especially when it comes to the trainers and coaches who are surpossed to transfer skills to students and pupils in schools. In reponse, UDSF began to hold trainers capacity building workshops aimed at fine tuning and preparing potential trainers for the tasks ahead when attached to schools. The most previous capacity building session for coaches and trainers took place in march at UDSF head office premises.

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