DanceSport Federation Embarks On Capacity Building

DanceSport Federation Embarks On Capacity Building

As a bid to sensitize and improve game officiation, the Uganda DanceSport Federation (UDSF) will hold integrated training sessions to ensure all the National ajudicators, crews and dancers are fit and in the right state of mind to execute their duties as expected.

The three-day online World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Breaking congress targets B-Boys and B- Girls across different regions of the country. The course will be held on the 15th, 17th, and 19th June 2021 via zoom.

The World DanceSport Breaking for Gold judging course will sensitize dancers on what judges look for in a Trivium Judging System, the historic context of moves and order of progression, qualifying at High Lever Events, battling at a High Level as a B-girl, how to structure High Level Rounds among others.

UDSF General Secretary Sebuyungo Barnabas says the online congress will empower dancing crews with the technical aspects of the sport and sensitize dancers on the updated judging system rules.

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