Dance Green Protect Environment, 2024 Capacity Building Camp Fort Portal Edition

Dance Green Protect Environment, 2024 Capacity Building Camp Fort Portal Edition

Join us at the upcoming camp event happening from January 10th-14th, 2024 at Nyakasura School in Fort Portal Tourism City, Tooro Kingdom, Uganda. Together, we will develop talent, promote environmental protection, and encourage sustainability objectives. This year’s camp theme, “Dance Green, Protect Environment,” emphasizes our commitment to raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

All public dance practitioners are welcome, especially school holiday makers and candidate students on vacation. The event will feature Afro, Breaking, Latin & Standard, and Hip Pop Crew Battles, as well as dance workshops that teach essential skills such as judging, coaching, MCing, DJing, and sports journalism to children and youth.

During the camp, we will address critical issues such as deforestation caused by charcoal burners and air pollution caused by cars. We will work to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection. With over 420 students and 120 physical education teachers expected to attend, we are excited about the impact we can make.

As part of the camp program, the campers will have the opportunity to go on study tours to various exciting places. These include Lake Saka, Nyakasura Falls, Mountain Rwenzori hikes, Mabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru, crater lakes, and Kikwamba Barracks. This tour will offer a unique opportunity for the campers to learn and explore the beautiful natural surroundings while promoting environmental protection and sustainability objectives. Let’s come together to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a better future for our planet.

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