History of Breaking-DanceSport

Breaking is an urban dance style that originated in the Bronx borough of New York in the 1970s.  Breaking the Mould Breaking, also known as break dancing, is a form of street dance. The earliest proponents of breaking were Black and Puerto Rican youths who formed crews who would compete in dance battles on the […]

The first National Secondary School DanceSport Championship Ever.

The highly anticipated first National Secondary School DanceSport Championship was one of a kind. Taking place wholly in Lira City at Dr Obote Secondary School and St. Katherine Secondary School, the sports inaugural competition was rich in skill, character, personality, Musicality from the 76 Athletes attached to 9 schools (St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School, […]

UDSF DanceSport International Progress

INTRODUCTION UDSF is relatively the youngest Sports Federation in Uganda with only 4 years old as a national body recognized by NCS and UOC to develop and promote DanceSport. Following the last 3 years where focus was only on local sensitization and creating of awareness of DanceSport to the local population in all 9 regions […]

DanceSport Receives Positive Reception at the USSSA Secondary School Games 2022.

  INTRODUCTION USSSA Secondary School Games have existed long enough before the initiation of DanceSport in Uganda. It has been at these Games that Students in secondary schools compete in different DanceSport disciplines. That noted, the USSSA Secondary School Games 2022 in Gulu City witnessed the showcase of an extremely exciting and attractive brand new […]

Uganda DanceSport Federation Road to National Recognition

Unlike at the international level where DanceSport has long been appreciated , locally dance is still widely interpreted as nothing close to a sport. However this is drastically changing following the initiation of Uganda DanceSport Federation in mid-2018. UDSF was and is still faced with a challenging task to create awareness about dance as a […]

DanceSport invitation for Secondary Schools to Compete at the USSSA Games 2022

Following official communication by the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) in conjunction with the Association of Secondary Schools Head Teachers in Uganda (ASSHU) and the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) inviting secondary schools in Uganda to participate in the DanceSport competitive showcase set to take place at St Joseph`s College Layibi in Gulu […]